Stefanie Kischak – UI/UX Design & Industrial Engineering

Stefanie Kischak – UI/UX Design & Industrial Engineering

Research Thesis – Adapting a mental health screening tool to tablet PC format

This instructional screen is intended to familiarize users with the input functions of the cognitive task, before allowing them to try a practice session. The visual on this screen is animated in the application to show successful completion of two substitutions.

The patient may familiarize themselves with the task and the touch-based tablet in an untimed practice session, and proceed when they feel they are ready for the timed task.

The timed task lasts 90 seconds, and records the patient's correct answers, incorrect answers, corrected answers, blank answers, and the average time taken by the patient to complete one substitution.

A screen displays the full list of results with indicators to attention items.

This Android application was developed as a deliverable for a thesis project with the Interactive Media Lab, University of Toronto. The application consists of an electronic version of the Digit Symbol Substitution Test, a highly sensitive cognitive screening tool which can be used in assessing a patient’s risk of developing post-operative delirium. The application collects detailed and accurate information about the patient’s performance, and its menu infrastructure and information architecture have been developed with the intent of use in health care. This application has been designed and developed in collaboration with T. Tong.

  • For Interactive Media Lab, University of Toronto

  • Type Android app

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