Stefanie Kischak – UI/UX Design & Industrial Engineering

Stefanie Kischak – UI/UX Design & Industrial Engineering

NightingaleEHR – Prescriptions

This module was designed for healthcare providers to fill out and transmit prescriptions within NightingaleEHR, a next-generation electronic health record (EHR) management platform. These screenshots depict some workflow steps within an interactive HTML prototype. The right pane is the provider’s working area.

Image 1: This screenshot shows an initial medication search.

Image 2: This screenshot contains the prescription form design. Fields are grouped based on what providers are typically used to on paper. A preview area translating field inputs (which would typically be codified) into a complete sentence is included for easier readability.

Image 3: I included a javascript function to automatically recalculate the total dispense amount and/or days supply when either field is modified.

Image 4: The inputs from the previous page are taken using Javascript to build a prescription print preview.

Image 5: For controlled substances, the prescription form uses more restrictive button inputs. The layout is based on paper-based prescription forms used in practice by healthcare providers.

These screenshots are shared with permission from Nightingale Informatix Corporation (

  • Role UI Designer

  • For Nightingale Informatix Corporation

  • Date November 2013

  • Type HTML/CSS/Javascript

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