Stefanie Kischak – UI/UX Design & Industrial Engineering

Stefanie Kischak – UI/UX Design & Industrial Engineering

NightingaleEHR – Quick Text

This module was designed for healthcare providers to easily save and re-use text strings during patient encounters within NightingaleEHR, a next-generation electronic health record (EHR) management platform. These screenshots depict some workflow steps within an interactive HTML prototype. The right pane is the provider’s working area.

Image 1: The user can click and hold inside a text box to activate a prompt for this functionality, which is easy to perform on both PC and mobile devices.

Image 2: When the user begins typing, text strings that they have chosen to save in the past pop up as suggestions, with the option to delete the suggestion while hovering over it. Hovering also displays a tooltip to show a complete string when too long to display in one row.

Image 3: When text is selected, clicking and holding will prompt the user to save it instead of prompting them to insert.

These screenshots are shared with permission from Nightingale Informatix Corporation (

  • Role UI Designer

  • For Nightingale Informatix Corporation

  • Date August 2014

  • Type HTML/CSS/Javascript

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