Stefanie Kischak – UI/UX Design & Industrial Engineering

Stefanie Kischak – UI/UX Design & Industrial Engineering

NightingaleEHR – Range of Motion

This module was designed for healthcare providers to record detailed information about the degree range at which the patient is able to move a selected joint during patient encounters within NightingaleEHR, a next-generation electronic health record (EHR) management platform. These screenshots depict some workflow steps within an interactive HTML prototype. The right pane is the provider’s working area.

Image 1: The provider has the option to draw freehand, place text, and/or place a circular marker on the image, with the option to undo the last image change or undo all image changes.

Image 2: The text tool generates a small text box at the mouse co-ordinates when the user clicks, and will place their input text on the image when they press “Enter”.

Image 3: The marker tool draws the selected red marker on the image where the user clicks, by inserting an HTML element at the mouse co-ordinates. The selectable markers are defined by the user when creating a template for the encounter note, which is a separate module for this software.

These screenshots are shared with permission from Nightingale Informatix Corporation (

  • Role UI Designer

  • For Nightingale Informatix Corporation

  • Date September 2014

  • Type HTML/CSS/Java

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