Stefanie Kischak – UI/UX Design & Industrial Engineering

Stefanie Kischak – UI/UX Design & Industrial Engineering

(Work in progress) SMRPG Randomizer UI redesign

This is an ongoing project. I am on a developer team for SMRPG Randomizer (, which is a web application that applies some modifications to a digital copy of a certain video game to create a new experience in a familiar setting.

At the moment, the user interface is based entirely on checkboxes. I am planning on expanding the scope of the features that can be chosen in this application, which requires support for different UI elements (namely: Select, Range, and Number inputs).

Currently, I have revamped the UI on a local environment to group game options by concept. I plan on adding a toggle to switch between tabbed mode and list mode.

This project uses Bootstrap in order to adjust for mobile users.

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